Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Thread

  • Fabric

The sewing machine increases the accuracy of sewing by making it possible to sew even, straight stitches, but the machine must be set up correctly. Setting up the Montgomery Ward sewing machine is a three-step process; winding the bobbin, inserting the bobbin into the bobbin case and into the machine, and threading the machine.

Winding the Bobbin

Step 1

Turn the smaller disk in the center of the large wheel on the right of the machine, forward. This disengages the sewing mechanism. Lower the presser foot.

Step 2

Set the new bobbin on the bobbin winder lever, pushing it to the right. Push the bobbin-winding lever down until it clicks in place.

Step 3

Place a spool of thread on the spool pin located on the right back of the machine. Wind the thread around both of the upper thread guides. Wrap the thread around the lower guide on the lower right of the machine. Thread the thread through the small hole on the bobbin from the center to the outside leaving an eight-inch tail.

Step 4

Hold the tail and press the electric controller to start winding. The thread tail will pull out of your hand. Stop the machine when the bobbin is full.

Insert the Bobbin

Step 1

Remove the bobbin case from the machine. Hold the case in the right hand with the thread slot on top. Slide the bobbin into the case.

Step 2

Pull the thread up through the slot on the bobbin case. Pull the thread through the lever on the side of the case catching the spring. Pull out a three-inch thread. It should pull smoothly and easily.

Step 3

Place the bobbin case back into the machine by lining up the bobbin case finger and the shuttle race notch. The case should slide in and click.

Thread the Machine

Step 1

Place a spool of thread on the thread pin. Wind the thread through both of the upper thread guides.

Step 2

Wind the thread down and around the tension disc. Pull the thread up through the hook, and the take up lever.

Step 3

Pull the thread down back through the hook, down through the thread guide and the needle bar thread guide.

Step 4

Thread the needle. Pull three or four inches of thread through the needle.

Step 5

Hold the needle thread tail, turn the wheel on the right forward, until the needle passes down into the bobbin case, and back up. This catches the bobbin thread and pulls it up for sewing. Sew on scrap fabric to check the stitching and tension.


Stop winding the bobbin before the thread reaches the edge of the bobbin. Excess thread will catch on the bobbin case and can damage the machine when sewing.

Adjust the thread tension by turning the tension disc by hand.


Hold the thread with your right hand in front of the spool and thread the machine with the left. This keep tension on the thread as it snaps into the thread guides. If the thread is loose, the stitches will be off.