How to Thread a 385 Kenmore Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Kenmore 385 sewing machine

  • Thread

Threaded sewing machine needle

Properly threading your Kenmore 385 sewing machine is necessary for successful sewing. Without the correct threading, the machine will not sew correctly and could possibly break. The 25 models in the 385 line of Kenmore machines are made similarly so the threading of the machines will also be similar.


Step 1

Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle is in its highest position.

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Step 2

Raise the presser foot.

Step 3

Place a spool of thread on the spool pin, with the thread coming from the back of the spool.

Step 4

Pull the thread through the thread guide, which is a hook-like guide on the back edge on the top of the sewing machine, and then pass it through the thread guide on the front edge of the machine.

Step 5

Hold the spool of thread stationary with your right hand. With your left hand, slip the thread between the tension discs behind the tension dial from right to left so that the thread ends up on the left side of the dial.


Step 6

Pull the thread up to the top of the dial and then to the right until it is taut.

Step 7

Release the spool and pull the thread left. The thread will catch on a hook on the top of the tension dial and then slip into a hook on the left side of the dial.


Step 8

Draw the thread up through the u-shaped thread guide and up to the take up lever. Thread the take up lever from right to left.

Step 9

Pull the thread down through the u-shaped thread guide, then through a second thread guide located at the base of the arm of the machine and through final thread guide on the needle bar.

Step 10

Thread the eye of the needle from front to back.


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