How to Thread the Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine

  • Thread

  • Empty bobbin

  • Scissors

In order to sew on any sewing machine, it is necessary to have a threaded bobbin. The bobbin thread interlocks with the top thread and shows on the underside of material when you sew. The bobbin on a Brother sewing machine is threaded by placing an empty bobbin on top of the machine and winding it there. The filled bobbin is then removed and inserted into the bobbin case under the main sewing plate.


Step 1

Fig. 1

On the side of the sewing machine is a wheel that moves the needle when turned by hand. In the center of this wheel is a clutch release switch that can move up and down. There is a small picture of a needle at one position and a bobbin opposite it. Push the switch up or down so that the switch is at the bobbin setting. (See Fig. 1)

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Step 2

Put a spool of thread on the thread holder on top of the machine. Pass the thread across the top of the machine and around the thread guide at the far left side of the machine, and then back to the far right, where the bobbin winding mechanism is located.

Step 3

Fig. 2

Put the end of the thread through a hole of the bobbin from the inside and place the bobbin on the bobbin winder shaft. (See Fig. 2)


Step 4

The bobbin winder slides to the left and right. Push it to the right so that it touches the small gray wheel. (See Fig. 3)


Step 5

Holding the end of the thread, gently depress the foot pedal to make the bobbin begin winding. Stop when the spinning bobbin holds the thread on its own. Clip off the excess thread and depress the foot pedal again to spin the bobbin winder until the bobbin is full.

Step 6

Slide the bobbin winder shaft back to the left, remove the bobbin from the shaft and clip the thread.


Step 7

Flip the clutch release switch back to the normal sewing (needle) position.

Step 8

Fig. 4

Place the filled bobbin in the bobbin case and guide the end of the thread through the slit on the side of the case and out through the top of the case. Holding the bobbin case by the latch, insert the case into the shuttle race, which is located on the lower front part of the machine. Click in place. (See Fig. 4)


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