How to Thread a Necchi Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Spool of thread

  • Bobbin, threaded

If you have purchased a Necchi sewing machine without a manual or if you have misplaced your manual, you might be having some trouble threading your machine. Necchi sewing machines are not difficult to thread, no matter what the model number.

Step 1

Make sure the presser foot is raised and the needle is in the highest position. Move the needle up by twisting the nob on the right side of the machine toward you. Open the bobbin holder compartment under the needle and insert the bobbin.


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Step 2

Place the spool of thread on the spool holder on top of the machine. The holder is a metal or plastic rod sticking up on the top, right side. You may have to pull it up if it is in the lowered position. Take the loose end of the thread and pull it to the left.

Step 3

Wind the thread through the thread guides. There are usually four to five thread guides: first is on top of the machine on the left; next is usually on the thread tension guide in front; next is usually through the thread arm that sticks up on the top of the machine (this is the part that moves up and down when you sew); and there may be one or two other thread guides specific to your model.

Step 4

Thread the needle from front to back. Pull the thread 2 or 3 inches to make sure it runs smoothly through the guides. Make sure the thread is pulled under the presser foot and to the back.

Step 5

Hold the end of the thread and rotate the nob on the left side until the needle goes all the way down and up again. Always rotate toward you or you could damage the needle.

Step 6

When the needle raises, it will bring up the bobbin thread. Pull both threads to the back of the machine. Your machine is ready to sew.


The SewUSA website offers free threading diagrams for most Necchi sewing machine models (see link in References). Complete manuals can also be found online for a small purchase price.


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