Instructions for Cleaning a Sears Self Cleaning Oven

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Kenmore appliances are sold exclusively by Sears and have become indelibly associated with Sears in the mind of the public. Although Sears sells other brands of appliances, people tend to use "Kenmore" and "Sears" interchangeably. During the self-cleaning cycle, a Sears oven will lock the oven door and raise the internal temperature to very high heat for several hours, turning dried food residue to ash. After the set period of heating, the oven turns off and cool downs for an hour or more before the door automatically unlocks.


Step 1

Remove pans, aluminum foil and the oven racks from the oven. It is safe to leave the oven racks in place during a self-cleaning cycle, but the extreme heat will discolor them. Wipe up any fresh spills on the oven floor with a damp cloth. Leaving heavy spills or food containing a lot of sugar in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle can result in excessive smoke and possibly fire. Follow the manufacturer's directions for cleaning the door and other areas prior to the self-cleaning cycle. Do not clean or alter the door gasket, which must be dry and fully intact for proper sealing.


Step 2

Verify that your oven's clock is set to the current time. Press the button on your Sears oven's control panel marked "Clean." Depending on your exact model, the button may be labeled "Flex Clean" or "Select Clean," but the button's label will include the word "clean."


Step 3

Adjust the duration of the self-cleaning cycle by pressing the up and down arrow buttons, or using your Sears oven's numerical key pad, depending on your model. Use a two-hour cycle if your Sears oven is lightly soiled, and a three- or four-hour cycle for a dirtier oven.


Step 4

Press the "Start "button or release the up and down arrow buttons to begin the self-cleaning cycle.

Step 5

Wait for your Sears oven to complete the cleaning, the cool down and the unlocking of the door. Open the door with caution, standing to the side of the oven to remain clear of any heat or steam escaping from the oven, which may still be very hot. When you're sure the oven is cool, wipe the interior surfaces with a damp cloth to remove the white ash and residue, a normal result of the self-cleaning cycle.