Directions on How to Use a Rice Cooker

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Cooking is fast and easy with rice cookers. Rice stays fresh longer and stays warm and ready to eat until you turn off the cooker. This makes rice cookers perfect for families that have different schedules, which can impact eating times. Rice cookers are versatile; use them to steam vegetables or seafood, or warm soup. Lids and pot inserts for the rice cookers are easily washed, which makes the hardest part of cooking a meal -- the cleanup -- the easiest.

Keep your rice warm with a rice cooker.

Things You'll Need

  • Rice Cooker With Lid

  • Vegetables Or Seafood

  • Rice

  • Water

Cooking Rice

Step 1

Place the desired amount of rice into the bottom of the rice-cooker insert.

Step 2

Push your index finger through the rice and place your finger at the bottom of the insert. Place your thumb at the top level of the rice and mark this spot on your index finger with your thumb.

Step 3

Measure your rice with your fingers.

Without moving your thumb from your index finger, place the tip of your index finger at the top of the rice.

Step 4

Add water directly to the pot.

Add enough water to come up to the marked level of your index finger. This should add the perfect amount of water to cook your rice. Rice prefers a two-to-one ratio of water to rice to cook. This equates to 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.

Step 5

Place the filled insert into your rice cooker and press "Cook." The rice cooker will steam the rice until it is finished and then keep the rice warm.


Step 1

Place between 2 and 4 cups of water into the rice-cooker insert.

Step 2

Place the steamer basket that came with your rice cooker into the insert. There should be enough water in the insert to cover the bottom but not to touch the bottom of the steamer basket.

Step 3

Steam your veggies.

Place your pre-washed vegetables or seafood into the steamer basket.

Step 4

Place the lid onto the rice cooker and press "Cook."

Step 5

Your veggies or seafood should be finished when the rice cooker clicks to "Warm."

Step 6

Remove your steamed items with care, as the contents will be hot.


Step 1

Use your rice cooker to keep soup warm.

Make the soup from your own recipe.

Step 2

Once the soup has finished, place the soup in the clean rice-cooker insert.

Step 3

Place the filled insert into the rice cooker and turn the cooker temperature to "Warm" or "Low."

Step 4

Replace the lid of the rice cooker.

Step 5

The soup will be kept warm for serving. Once the soup is finished turn the rice cooker off.


If you like to rinse your rice before cooking, do so before adding the final amount of water.

Clean your rice-cooker insert with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the protective coatings. Wipe the outside of the cooled and unplugged rice cooker with a damp soft cloth after every use. Many rice cookers have fire-safety features which automatically shut them off after so many hours of use.


Open the lid of the rice cooker by tipping it away from you first to avert the steam away from you.

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