Sanyo Rice Cookers Instructions

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Sanyo rice cookers take the guesswork out of cooking rice. For many who have attempted to cook rice, the result is usually an undercooked, crunchy rice or an overcooked, mushy rice, neither of which is a desirable result. With a Sanyo rice cooker, you simply add the ingredients, set the timer, and it does all the work for you.



Measurement is the most important step in cooking rice. Sanyo provides a measuring cup; fill it level with the top of the cup. Measure water accurately, according to selected menu setting. Excess water may boil over; too little water will result in undercooked rice. Place the inner pot into Sanyo unit and close both lids. Select the "menu" option and choose the appropriate setting for the type of rice you plan to cook: white/rinse free, sprouted, quick, porridge or brown rice. Press the "Cook/Reheat" button and walk away while your rice cooks. The display panel will count down the remaining cook time. Stir before serving and enjoy.


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Your Sanyo rice cooker comes with a "Keep Warm" mode, which will keep your rice warm for up to 12 hours. Do not keep rice warm for longer than 12 hours because it may develop an odor, turn yellow or dry out. Sanyo guidelines warn against keeping mixed rice, bi bim bab, brown rice, sweet rice or sprouted brown rice warm, as they may begin to deteriorate or develop an odor.



The convenient inner pot of a Sanyo rice cooker allows you to remove it from the cooker and place it directly on the table or in the refrigerator for storing. Sanyo rice cookers have a reheat feature that allows you to take the inner pot from the refrigerator, place it back in the cooker and reheat the rice within minutes. Simply stir the rice so that it is level, press the cook/reheat button and stir the rice again when reheating is completed. If your rice is dry, you will need to add water to preference to soften it.


Timer Cooking

You can actually pre-set a cook time for your Sanyo rice cooker to ensure it is ready when you plan to serve it. You can prepare the ingredients in the rice cooker before you leave in the morning, set a start time and the rice will begin cooking at the predetermined time. Remember, the timer cannot be set if the "keep warm" lamp is let, so make sure it is set to "off."



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