How to Operate a Toshiba RC-10 Rice Cooker

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Things You'll Need

  • Rice

  • Water

A Toshiba RC-10 rice cooker is used to cook rice.

A Toshiba RC-10 electric rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that uses heat and steam to cook one to 10 cups of rice in approximately 35 to 55 minutes. The rice cooker has a regular cooking mode and a rapid cooking mode. The rapid cooking mode generally makes firmer rice, and it is recommended that you use this mode only when making less than four cups of rice. Once the rice is cooked, the rice cooker enters a warming mode, which keeps the rice warm for up to 30 hours after the rice has been cooked.


Step 1

Measure the amount of rice to cook in the provided measuring cup. You can cook as little as one cup and up to 10 cups of rice in the Toshiba RC-10 rice cooker. Pour the rice into the inner pot.

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Step 2

Run water over the rice to clean, draining out excess water as you go along. Rinse the rice until the water is clear. Pour all the water out.


Step 3

Fill the inner pot with water to the appropriate fill line based on the amount of rice you are cooking. There are indicators on the side of the pot. If you prefer softer rice, add a bit more water; if you prefer firmer rice, add a lesser amount of water.

Step 4

Place the inner pot inside the rice cooker. Turn the inner pot two to three rotations clockwise, so the inner pot is in close proximity to the cooking plate. Close the rice cookers lid.


Step 5

Plug the rice cooker into an electrical outlet. Press the "Cook" button once for regular cooking or twice for rapid cooking. The rice will cook until it is done. Once done, the rice cooker will beep five times, indicating the rice is done and the machine is entering "Warm" mode. Unless you turn the cooker off, the warm mode will keep rice warm for 30 hours.



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