Hermle Quartz 1217 Clock Instructions

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Founded in Wuerttemberg, Germany, the Hermle Clock Company has been producing fine mechanical clocks since 1922. The Hermle name has become one of the most recognized in computerized and automated clock production. The Hermle 1217 clock is an elegantly carved wooden mantle clock with a quartz movement. Learning to use your Hermle 1217 mantle clock is simple, leaving you more time to enjoy its craftsmanship.


Step 1

Lay your Hermle 1217 clock face-down on a flat surface that has been cushioned with a soft cloth. Rotate the plastic tab at each corner of the clock to free its back panel and reveal the quartz movement. Set the back panel aside.

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Step 2

Locate the "Stop" and "Start" buttons in the top left-hand corner of the movement. Press the red "Stop" button to stop the analog movement and reset the clock's digital settings.


Step 3

Use the first knob to set the digital portion of your Hermle 1217 clock. Note that the digital time on your clock is set one number at a time, using the 24-hour clock format. Turn the knob to the appropriate number and press it the correct number of times to set the clock. For example, to set your clock to 5:15 p.m. (1715 hours), you would turn the knob to the first number and press it once, turn the knob to the second number and press it seven times, turn the knob to third number and press it once, and turn the knob to the fourth number and press it five times.


Step 4

Set the chime on your Hermle 1217 clock with the second knob. Choose between "Bim-Bam," "Westminster," "Whittington" and "Ave Maria" chimes. Turn the knob to the desired chime option and press the knob to make your selection.

Step 5

Locate the clock's analog knob in the center of the clock. Pull gently on the knob to move it into the setting position. Twist the knob to adjust the analog clock hands to the correct time.


Step 6

Press the green "Start" button in the top left-hand corner of the movement to start the analog and digital timekeeping. Replace the back panel to complete the set-up process on your Hermle 1217 clock.


Repeat the clock-setting process on your Hermle 1217 in the spring and fall to correct the clock to reflect Daylight Savings Time.


Remember to use the 24-hour time format when setting the digital portion of your Hermle clock. If you attempt to set the time using the 12-hour format, the clock's chimes will not agree with the analog hands.


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