How to Set a Seth Thomas Atomic Clock

Since 1813, Seth Thomas Clocks have worked to advance time-keeping technology. In their version of an atomic clock, Seth Thomas uses an internal chip to offer the same autosetting features of true, radio-controlled atomic clocks. Using an internal chip is particularly beneficial to customers who have difficulty using traditional radio-controlled atomic clocks due to interference caused by televisions, computers and many common building materials.

Step 1

Place your Seth Thomas atomic clock face-down on a table or desk and locate a series of buttons labeled "PST," "MST," "CST" and "EST" on the back of the clock. Press the appropriate button to set the time zone.

Step 2

Turn your attention to the small lithium battery-powered digital clock display on the back of your clock. With the correct time zone set, the digital display should accurately reflect the current local time.

Step 3

Locate the AA battery compartment on the back of your clock. Put two new AA batteries into your clock's battery compartment.

Step 4

Set the "Mode" switch on the back of your Seth Thomas atomic clock to "Run." Wait for it to adjust to the correct time. The automatic time-adjustment process can take up to 45 minutes, but is usually completed much sooner.


It is only necessary to repeat the time-setting process after changing the AA or CR2032 batteries.


For best results, use only new batteries.

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