Rainbird ESP-6TM Instructions

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Turn the "Schedule" switch to "C" to make custom settings.

The Rain Bird ESP-6TM automatic watering system takes care of your lawn with a preset watering schedule capable of recurring every two, three or five days. A custom setting is available if you require watering less frequently. Once you've installed your timer and are ready to begin using it, you might have questions about how to use it.


Setting the Timer

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Turn the programming dial (located in the center of the timer) to the "HR (Hour)" position (located on the left side of the dial in the "Current Time and Day" area) to set the current time. You will see the presently set AM or PM hour in the display (located on the top left of the timer). Push the up or down button (located to the right of the display) to bring the hour to the current time. Turn the program dial to "Min." Push the up or down button to change the minutes to the current time.

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Scheduling the Days

Slide the "Schedule" switch (located on the bottom right of the timer) to the fixed day schedule of "2," "3" or "5." Twist the program dial to "Day" (located on the left side of the dial beside "HR"). You will see the see the number "1" appear on the display, indicating day 1. Watering always happens on day 1. Push the up or down button to adjust the current day from 1. If you want to water tomorrow, and you chose the five-day schedule, change the current day to 5. When the cycle rolls over to 1 the next day watering will commence, and it will reoccur every five days.


Setting the Watering Run Times

Turn the program dial to "Station 1" (located on the lower right side of the dial) to begin setting your watering station run times. You will see the station you selected and the length of time that it will run -- the default run time is 10 minutes. Push the up or down button to adjust the run time up or down between one minute and 99 minutes. If you aren't using some of the six stations, set them each to "0". Turn the program dial to the next station and repeat the steps until each station has a set run time that you're satisfied with.


Setting the Rain Bird ESP-6TM Automatic Mode

Turn the program dial to "Auto" (located at the top of the timer) to put the Rain Bird ESP-6TM timer into automatic mode. You will see the current date and a countdown until the next automatic watering in the display. If you don't turn the dial to "Auto," it will eventually set itself to "Auto." To cease all operation from the timer, turn the program dial to "Off."


The Quick Reference Guide for your Rain Bird ESP-6TM contains valuable information for the most commonly required procedures. In it you'll find instructions for changing the time of day, turning the controller on and off, adjusting watering times, starting the system manually, installing a new battery and general troubleshooting.



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