How to Print Photos on Cookies

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Things You'll Need

  • Photo Express software

  • Online pictures

  • Designated edible ink printer, such as one from Canon or Epson

  • Edible ink cartridges

  • Sheet of frosting circles

  • Cookie dough

  • Circle cookie cutter in matching size to frosting circles

  • Rolling pin

  • Baking sheet

  • Frosting

  • Spatula

Jazz up plain cookies with photos of yourself or your kids.

Printing photos on cookies is an adorable and creative way to personalize your treats for a special event or birthday party. By printing your child's face on her own cookies, you can be sure that she will feel like a celebrity and remember this special dessert for years to come. You can print your own picture-cookies at home, but you do need a lot of specialized equipment, so you should only attempt this if you plan on printing photo cookies often.


Step 1

Upload desired pictures onto Photo Express and adjust according to your liking, such as cropping and centering the image you have chosen.

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Step 2

Insert edible ink cartridges into printer and connect printer to your computer. Canon and Epson both make printers that can print with edible ink.


Step 3

Insert frosting circle sheet into the paper section of your printer.

Step 4

Click "Print" on the Photo Express program and print out the sheet of your chosen photo.

Step 5

Roll out cookie dough using the rolling pin and cut out circles that are a similar size to the frosting circle sheet that you purchased.


Step 6

Line up cookies on baking sheet and bake according to your recipe.

Step 7

Allow cookies to cool and remove from baking sheet.

Step 8

Frost cookies with desired icing or frosting.


Step 9

Remove one photo circle from the frosting sheet and place evenly over the frosted cookie before the icing hardens. Press down firmly so the photo sheet sticks.

Step 10

Repeat with remaining frosting circles and cookies.


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