Instructions for a 10 X 30 Party Tent

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When you want to ensure perfect weather for a party, the best insurance is a party tent. Party tents cover the sitting area where the guests and entertainment will be located. Some models even come with walls and vinyl windows for letting in natural light. While many companies offer party tent rentals and will set up and take down the tent for you, this service can add up if you intend to throw regular parties. Instead, consider purchasing your own party tent and assembling the tent yourself.


Step 1

Verify that you have all the necessary components for setup. Most party tent packaging will have a list of supplies needed sewn into the storage bag.

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Step 2

Assemble the top pieces according to the order given in the instructions. Most pieces are typically assembled in alphabetical or numerical order--the individual components will be labeled.


Step 3

Attach the fabric overlay to the top bars. Attachment pieces will usually either be made of hook and loop tape or elastic. Be sure and use every single tie piece to ensure proper tension for the roof.

Step 4

Place the legs into their joints and raise the party tent.

Step 5

Attach the stakes into the ground at the base of each leg and secure the leg using the tie joints on the bottom of the leg pieces.

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