How do I Change the Codes on Lockwood Digital Locks?

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Needle-nose pliers

One of the many quality features of the Lockwood digital door lock is its flexibility. Not only does it offer dependable security, but gives the homeowner complete control of access. An access code can be set for house guests or other temporary visitor, then the lock can be quickly and easily recoded to restore the previous security level.


Step 1

Remove the two interior screws to detach the Lockwood digital lock's keypad from the exterior face of the door using a Phillips screwdriver.

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Step 2

Detach the neoprene gasket from the back of the keypad and remove the four screws securing the security backplate, then pull the backplate from the code key pin chamber.


Step 3

Holding the keypad housing level, press and hold the "C" keypad button on the keypad during the code-setting procedure.

Step 4

Set the new code using needle-nose pliers to position the code key pins as follows: for each letter (C, X, Y or Z) and/or number (0 through 9) of the code, insert a code key pin into the corresponding slot, keeping the red-colored end upward and the large square notch in the code key pin toward the outside of the keypad. With the code key pins set, insert a key pin into all of the remaining slots, keeping the blue end upward and the large square notch toward the outside of the keypad.


Step 5

Release the "C" keypad button and attach the security backplate removed in Step 2.

Step 6

Position the keypad housing against the exterior door surface and secure in place using the two screws removed in Step 1.


To make certain the lock code key pins insert fully into the code key pin holes, hold the keypad level during the code setting steps.


The “C” key on the lock’s keypad must be fully depressed through the code-setting procedure, then released configuring the new code.


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