How to Paint Your Yoga Mat

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Things You'll Need

  • Paintbrushes

  • Acrylic craft paint

  • Yoga mat

  • Water

  • Paper towels

Because yoga is a personal practice, making a personalized yoga mat is not uncommon.

Many yoga mats are sold with artistic designs printed on them in various styles. However, it is not uncommon for an avid practitioner of yoga to want to paint her own mat to personalize it. While no paint can withstand the constant wear that a yoga mat endures, acrylic craft paint will last for a substantial amount of time. To prevent a layer of paint chipping off every time you use your yoga mat, purchase a mat in the base color you desire so that you must only paint on the details. With 15 minutes of spare time, you can paint and customize your yoga mat.


Step 1

Wash the yoga mat with warm water and dry the majority of the water with paper towels. Allow the rest of the yoga mat to air-dry. This removes any debris that would interfere with the paint.

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Step 2

Put a small amount of acrylic paint onto a folded-up paper towel and dip the tip of your paintbrush into it. Never submerge the entire paintbrush--this makes for messy designs and ruins the brush's bristles.

Step 3

Begin to paint your design onto the yoga mat, starting at a corner and working your way across. Allow the paint to dry for six hours. Turn the yoga mat over and paint a design on the opposite side, if you so desire.

Step 4

Return to normal usage of your yoga mat; the paint might wear off over time and require repainting. Before repainting, always wash the surface clean of debris.


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