How to Gift Wrap a Mug

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrapping paper

  • Elastic band

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Bow

  • Card or name tag

Add a bow to your gift for a festive look.

You can never make a second first impression and neither can your gift. Giving a gift involves wrapping it, as even the worst present seems a little better when it is gaily packaged. Wrapping unusually shaped presents or glassware without a box may require a little more finesse, but it can be done. Pick a festive wrapping paper, with matching ribbons and bows, that represents the occasion.

Step 1

Place wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, bows and the mug on a clean work surface. Cut out several pieces of tape and attach them to the edge of table.

Step 2

Place the mug in the center of a 16-inch square of wrapping paper. Pull up the sides of the wrapping paper and secure with a rubber band. Cut off the excess, leaving approximately 2 inches on top. Fold over the rough edges on top, then tape them to the inside of the wrapping paper.

Step 3

Wrap a brightly colored ribbon that matches the wrapping paper around the rubber band to hide it. Tie the ribbon and let the excess dangle down the front of the package.

Step 4

Remove the paper backing off the sticky part of the back of a bow. Place the sticky side to the wrapping paper and press down on the bow. Tape edges of the bow for an extra-secure fit.

Step 5

Write out a message on a card or fill out a name tag for the present. Tape the card or name tag underneath the bow.


Add socks, kitchen towels or candy to the inside of the mug.

Use wrapping-paper squares for wrapping unusual shaped gifts as they are precut into different shapes.


As mugs are breakable, carefully transport the gift.