Mounting Instructions for a John Deere Grass Bagger

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The John Deere Grass Bagger comes in two mower deck sizes, a 42-inch and a 48-inch. Both have a dual bagging system. This means that there are two bags on the rear of the mower that will collect the grass clippings. Having a mower that collects grass clippings in a bag will save you the need of raking your lawn. This is especially beneficial if it's been awhile since the grass was last cut. When the bags are full, you will notice grass cutting being left behind. This means it is time to remove and empty them.


Step 1

Put the tabs of the bag mounting post into the slots on the rear of the hitch plate. The ends of the long rod on the mounting post fit into the small holes of the cargo mounts. These holes are located directly behind the driver's seat.

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Step 2

Slide the cargo pin into the hole in the mounting post. Put the smaller spring locking pin into the hole in the cargo pin.


Step 3

Mount the bags onto the mounting post. There are holes in the top of the bag that slide onto the tabs at the top of the mounting post. Close the hopper top which will cover the open tops of the bags. Fasten it down with the latch.


Once you have the mounting post installed on your John Deere mower, empty the bags by lifting them off the post. Dump them and put them back on.



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