How to Add a Lawn Bagger to a Mower

Although installing a grass bag might seem simple, the mistakes that can arise can have annoying or hazardous consequences if overlooked. Incorrectly installing a lawn bagger (grass bag or mulch bag) to your lawn mower can result in a clogged blade that can hamper your mower's ability to cut lawn. Additionally, if you do not secure it properly to the mower's side vent, you can create a hazardous situation. Correctly installing a lawn bag to your mower involves you securing the attachments properly, but you must also match your mower's mulching or venting capabilities to your bag.

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Rear Bag

Unsnap the vent cap (discharge cap) from the rear of the mower chassis if your mower has mulching capabilities. A mower with mulching capabilities has a blade designed to cut grass repeatedly as it whirls beneath the mower's cutting chamber. Removing the cap allows the cut grass to expel outward into the bag instead of being mulched.

Spread the rear expansion brackets open with your hands until the bag opens to its full width.

Snap the two lower bag hooks within the bag's canvas snap loops.

Snap the upper bar hook into the upper canvas bag loop. The upper bar hook hooks to the handle bar of the mower, and you can usually find the canvas bag loop in the center top of the bag.

Attach the lower bag hooks along the bag's left and right side to the mower's rear roller notches, located along the back side of the mower.

Attach the upper bar hook to the handle's hook groove.

Adjust the bag's height guide, so the bag clears the ground.

Side Grass Bag

Unsnap the side vent cap (discharge cap) from the side of the mower chassis if your mower has mulching capabilities.

Reach into the bag and extend the metal width bars until they clasp open and hold the mulch bag to its full width.

Snap the mulch bag onto the side of the mower's chassis attachment notch. Usually, you can snap it in the same attachment notch used by the vent cap because mulch bags use the same slots.

Hold open the discharge chute if it doesn't detach while at the same time attaching the bag hooks into the "chute cover's opening." The chute cover's openings will appear as two (maybe four) slots on either side of the discharge chute.

Attach the bag's hanger hooks in the bag notch along side of the handle rod. The bag notch will consist of a curved piece of metal that you can hook the hanger hook in.


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