How to Put a Bag on an MTD Yard Machine Push Mower

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The MTD Yard Machine push mower is designed to be used with a rear-mounted grass bagging system that collects grass clippings, mulched leaves and other debris. A chute in the rear of the mowing deck directs grass and mulch into the bag during the cutting operation, where it is collected. The homeowner can later empty the cuttings in a desired location such as a composting bin.


Step 1

Park the MTD Yard Machine push mower on a level surface so that it will not roll while you intall the bagging attachment.

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Step 2

Raise the rear deflector and identify the two pins on either side of it.


Step 3

Position the loops on the forward frame of the bagging attachment over the pins.

Step 4

Lower the bottom of the bagging attachment so it contacts the mowing deck.

Step 5

Lower the grass deflector so that it rests on top of the bagging attachment. Hard-top bags will have a locking lever; turn it to lock the attachment to the mower.

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