How to Remove a Lawn Mower Bag

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The lawn mower bag should easily lift up and slide out.

Lawn mowers that include bags meant to catch grass clippings are convenient and help to prevent a messy lawn. Just like any other contraption that catches waste, the lawn mower bag must be emptied from time to time. Whether the bag is attached to the back or side of the mower, the same process should be used to remove it. Some bags hold more than others, and this may result in more time spent on yard work. Removing a lawn mower bag does not require any special skills or tools.


Step 1

Park the mower on a level surface, such as a sidewalk, and turn it off. Apply the parking brake on either of the rear wheels. If there is no level surface in your location, park the lawn mower against something solid to prevent it from rolling.

Step 2

Approach the lawn mower from the back or the side, depending on where the bag is attached. Locate the plastic flap that covers the top of the lawn mower bag. Lift the plastic flap.

Step 3

Place both hands underneath the flap, on the sides of the mower, and feel the sides of the bag. Locate the metal poles under the lawn mower bag that hold the bag in place and give it structure. The metal poles lock the bag securely to the mower.


Step 4

Place both hands firmly on the metal frame at both ends. Gently pull the bag up and out, away from the lawn mower body. It's important to do this gently to avoid making a big mess. Loose grass will come out of the lawn mower, especially if the bag is full.

Step 5

Dispose of the mower bag's contents in paper or plastic lawn bags. You also can use the grass clippings for your compost pile or as mulch on your lawn.

Step 6

Return the lawn mower bag back to its place. Set it carefully in position and snap the metal frame onto the mower. Make sure the flap that was previously lifted is put back down and the bag is secured tightly to the mower before turning it back on.


Make sure the lawn mower's power is off before removing the bag, to avoid getting grass and debris in your face, as well as injuring yourself if it should roll.