How do I Mount a Snowblower on a John Deere LX277?

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An attachment, such as a snowblower or snowthrower, is available for many models John Deere tractor, such as the LX277. Power from the tractor is transferred to the snowthrower by a drive belt. Attaching the snowthrower to the tractor requires no tools, and the required hardware you need is included with the attachment.


Step 1

Start the tractor, and position it with the front facing the rear of the snowthrower. Turn off the engine, and set the park brake to the "Lock" position.

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Step 2

Pull the attachment lever back to the furthest position. This raises the lift shaft that is at the front of the tractor.

Step 3

Remove the machined pin from the latch shaped like the letter C on the snowthrower frame. Pull the spring locking pin out, and then pull out the machined pin. This latch will then swing open.

Step 4

Move the snowthrower under the frame of the tractor.


Step 5

Position both sides of the frame for the snowthrower with the pivot bolts on the draft arm.

Step 6

Place the machined pin back into the C-shaped latch and into the frame of the snowthrower. Insert the spring locking pin back into the machined pin.


Step 7

Loosen the drive belt on the attachment by moving the lever for the pivot tightener to the rear. Position the belt over the drive pulley on the tractor. Move the pivot tightening lever forward, and lock it under the frame of the snowthrower.

Step 8

Lower the lift shaft by pushing the attachment lever forward.


Step 9

Position the sway bar on the sway bar bracket, and insert the spring locking pin. Place the two yokes on the front lift shaft. Secure with a machined pin and a spring locking pin.

Step 10

Attach the control bracket for the chute and spout over the machine pin. Secure with a spring locking pin.


Step 11

Pull the attachment lever back to raise the snowthrower. Lock the snowthrower in the "Up" position to move the wheels to the "Storage" position.


Drive the front tires on a 2-by-10 board to raise the front of the tractor, if necessary. This will allow the snowthrower to fit under the front axle.

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