How do I set a Safe Combination?

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Set a unique safe combination.

There are several different kinds of safes that you can have in your home. They vary from wall safes, to drawer safes, and to gun cases. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be built into walls or furniture. Some use a lock and key, while others have spinning combination locks or digital pass codes. If your safe has a spinning dial or a digital button keypad, setting, storing and keeping your combination secure is very important.


Step 1

Choose a combination. Think about a combination of numbers that will be easy for you to remember, but may be hard for others to guess. Most people use numbers that are identifiable with them, such as their address, birth year or phone number. While this may make it easier to remember these numbers, you want to make sure that they are hard for others to guess. Try thinking of a word instead of a number. Make sure the word contains the same amount of letters that you would need in numbers to create your combination. Then, simply take the word and spell it out on a telephone keypad. These are the numbers you will use for your combination. For example, if you needed four numbers for a pass code, you could use the word "code." You would use the numbers 2, 6, 3, 3. This spells out "code" on a telephone. Now you will simply have to remember the word.


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Step 2

Set a combination lock. Setting combination locks differs by each manufacturer. Most commonly, you are required to have a key to provide additional access to the lock. This is usually included in the box when you purchase your safe. In order to set the combination, you will need to have the safe opened. Insert the key into the keyhole. Turn the dial to the numbers you have selected for your combination. Be sure that the numbers are aligned perfectly when making your selections. Test your combination with the safe door opened, making sure that everything is set up correctly.


Step 3

Set a digital lock. Setting digital locks differs by each manufacturer. Most often, there will be additional keys, besides simply numbers, on the keypad. The additional buttons may be labeled "Enter," "Clear" or "Program." Each manufacturer has its own way of setting the pass code for their product, but most often you will start by pressing the "Program" button. Enter the 3-to-5 digit numbers that you have selected. Press the "Enter" button to complete the setup process. Always test your pass code with the door open to make sure that you have set up the safe correctly.



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