How to Reset a Kaba Mas Lock

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Kaba Mas makes a range of high-security electronic safe locks from the company's factory in Lexington, Kentucky. A numeric code, entered using the buttons on the front of the lock, protects the contents of the safe from unauthorized access. You might want to reset your lock if someone learns your entry code. You need to know your existing safe code before you can reset the lock for security reasons.


Step 1

Press "#" then "1." A green light flashes and the safe beeps.

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Step 2

Enter your six digit combination. The default code is "502550" on some models.

Step 3

Enter a new six digit code. The green light flashes and the safe beeps.

Step 4

Re-enter your new code a second time. The green light flashes and the safe beeps if the codes match.

Step 5

Use your new code for future use because it immediately replaces your old code.


Pressing the "#" key in Step One twice instead of once modifies the second user code. Pressing "#" three times changes the "courier" entry code.

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