How to Open a Rotary Lock Safe

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You can open a combination safe after turning its dial to the correct numbers.

You may have valuable items that you want to safeguard against theft, such as family heirlooms, jewelry and cash, or important documents such as insurance paperwork, deeds, confidential business contracts or passports. You also might have sensitive materials that you want to keep unauthorized people from viewing. One option is a safe with a rotating dial that you lock, keeping its combination a secret. When you need to access the contents of your safe, you can open it by following a few simple steps.


Step 1

Turn the rotating dial of your locked safe four times counterclockwise until it points to the first number of your combination. Turn it slowly and stop precisely on the number.

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Step 2

Turn the dial clockwise until the third time you reach the second number in your combination.


Step 3

Turn the dial counterclockwise until the second time you reach the third number of your combination.

Step 4

Turn the dial clockwise until the first time you reach the fourth number of your combination.

Step 5

Pull open the door of the safe. You may have to turn the handle counterclockwise before you can open the door.

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