How to Reset LaGard Electronic Locks

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The La Gard brand of products provides security for homes and businesses with multiple levels of locking technology. The locks may be used to secure property or prevent unauthorized access into a building or room. These electronic locks operate by allowing access only to individuals who enter a chosen combination into a numerical keypad. For security purposes, you may wish to change the combination of your La Gard lock on a regular basis. This can be done using the combination reset process.


Step 1

Open the door of the safe or room that uses the La Gard lock by entering the lock's current combination.

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Step 2

Press the "0" key six times, then enter the current six-digit combination one time.

Step 3

Enter the newly chosen six-digit combination two times. If you enter the wrong numbers, wait for 30 seconds, then begin the process again by pressing "0" six times.

Step 4

Test the lock to see if it opens before shutting the door. An audible signal will sound twice if the combination you entered is valid. If it is not, a triple signal sounds.


Do not choose a combination number that may be easy for others to guess, such as your birthday or address.

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