How to Make Rolling Papers

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Things You'll Need

  • 3 parts warm water

  • 1 part sugar, Tylose or CMC Powder

  • Rice paper

  • Paper cutter

  • Small, soft artist brush

A paper cutter will save you much time and frustration as you can cut accuratly and multiple sheets at once.

You can roll your own cigarettes as they did before they were mass produced and available everywhere. If you want to smoke loose-leaf, high-end tobacco, you must hand-roll it. Most people enjoy the reduced health risk from handmade cigarettes, because you can use natural materials and avoid toxicities, such as formaldehyde, according to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. This is also helpful if you run out of store-bought rolling paper and have rice paper handy.


Cutting the Rice Paper

Step 1

Choose your preferred cigarette size. The typical size is 4 inches, but you can make it shorter or longer.

Step 2

Clear off a stable tabletop or counter surface to make the rolling paper your desired length by 1.5 inches wide, which is standard for cigarettes.

Step 3

Purchase thin rice paper that is double your desired length. Call local art stores to confirm they carry it.


Step 4

Cut several sheets of rice paper at one time by stacking them and using a paper cutter to measure and line up the pieces evenly. Lay each piece of paper individually on the table top.

DIY Sugar Glue

Step 1

Add three parts water to one part sugar and heat until the sugar fully dissolves. Let the glue cool down.

Step 2

Hold the paper in the air and brush on the glue in a 1/4-inch long section on one side of the rice paper. This prevents the runny glue from pooling on the table and overwetting the paper.


Step 3

Let the glue completely dry, which will take approximately five to ten minutes.

Step 4

Test the glue on one piece by moistening it and folding it in half lengthwise so that it sticks to itself. Wait to moisten the rest of the papers until you are about to roll the cigarette, because it is the glue that will secure the paper unto itself.

Step 5

If the paper does not stick properly, reapply the glue and let it dry. Test one sheet first by repeating the last step to make sure your glue has enough adhesiveness and sticks to itself. If not, boil it again and mix another half-part of sugar. Allow the glue to cool and retest it. If it works well, repeat the application onto the rest of the papers, without folding them, and allow them to fully dry.


Gently handle the papers so you do not touch the glue and loosely stack them in a dry container. Use a cigarette case or other similar container.

If the sugar is not sufficiently adhering, mix 1/4 tsp. of Tylose or CMC Powder, edible gums, and 2 tbs. of warm water. Allow it to cool and thicken in the refrigerator overnight.


For healthier cigarette smoking, use unbleached, uncolored rice paper.