How to Find a Local Artist

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Finding local artists might take a little more work than just looking in the Yellow Pages.

You might want to find a local artist for any of several reasons. Perhaps you want to buy some artwork to display in your small business, or maybe you want a custom painting of your dog. Whatever the reason, finding an artist may not be a straightforward process. Because many artists don't create art as a full-time job, they might not advertise much. The easiest way to find artists is to pay attention to the art around you.


Step 1

Search Facebook. Artists will often promote themselves by creating a Facebook fan page. These act as mini-websites where the artist can post his artwork and contact information.

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Step 2

Visit local art galleries. Small galleries often feature local artists. If you find an artist you like, ask an employee at the gallery for the artist's business card or contact information.


Step 3

Go to art events. During the spring and summer especially, many cities host art walks and art sales. This is a great way to meet many artists working in different media.

Step 4

Read the art section of your community newspaper. Small newspapers often print stories about artists and art events.


Step 5

Look at the art in coffee shops and restaurants. Artists often donate work to these businesses in exchange for promotion. Check art you like to see if there's a business card attached, or ask the proprietor for the artist's contact information.

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