How to Cut a Picture Frame Mat

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Things You'll Need

  • Art

  • Cutting Mats

  • Mat Cutters

  • Paper And Pencils

  • X-Acto Knives

  • Rulers

How to Cut a Picture Frame Mat. A mat is what gives art a finished look. It creates a "frame" inside the frame. Here are a few easy steps to help you frame your photo to give it a more professional and polished look.


Practice on scraps until you get the feel of it. The handheld mat cutter called a Dexter (less than $20) will give you a beveled edge and, with a little practice, a fine window. If you're going to be doing this regularly, a professional-quality cutter ($300-$800) is worth its weight in gold. "Weight" the bottom of the mat - that is, there should be more mat visible below the art than above it. If all else fails, have a framing shop cut the window for you.


Don't let your finger go over the edge of the ruler - mat cutters are sharp.


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