Easy Way to Make Elf Shoes

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You can make elf shoes.
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Both naughty and nice can find pleasure in cute elf shoes. Handcrafted elf shoes can be worn, stuffed or just placed on the shelf. DIY elf shoes are simple to create and make fantastic additions to your existing holiday costumes and decorations. The easy-to-make shoes can be used at Christmastime, and adapted for use as fairy shoes for year-round enjoyment and gift-giving opportunities.


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Easy Homemade Elf Shoes

Use your existing sneakers and create adorable elf shoe slipcovers. Choose a piece of green felt that is twice the length as your shoe size plus 8 inches. Wrap the felt around your shoe lengthwise. Trim the felt so that it is 4 inches taller than your shoe and extends 4 inches beyond the tip of your shoe on each side. Cut the felt using your shoe as an outline and follow the curve of your shoe, making sure to leave enough felt at the top of the shoe to sew a seam (include a seam allowance). Cut the extra felt at the tip of your shoe so that it curls upward. Sew a seam connecting the side pieces, but leave a large enough opening to slip your foot into the shoe. Add two pieces of elastic at the bottom of the slipcover to secure them to your shoes.


Salt Dough Elf Shoe Ornaments

Mix up a batch of salt dough. Add 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of table salt and 1 cup of water into a large mixing bowl. Mix the ingredients together until the dough is pliable. Roll the dough out onto a flat surface. Use an elf shoe cookie cutter to cut out small elf shoes. Use a small straw to poke a hole in the top of each shoe ornament. Make sure that the hole goes completely through the dough; this is where a ribbon will be added as a hanger for the finished Christmas elf shoes. Bake the shoes in a 200-degree oven for at least four hours, or until the dough is dry. Paint the elf shoes with acrylic paint and allow them to dry completely before adding the ribbon hangers.


Stuffed Elf Shoe Ornaments

Draw a 6-inch shape that looks like a sock onto a piece of paper. Draw a curled toe at the end of the toe section to create an elf shoe. Cut out the shoe for a pattern. Draw an outline of the pattern onto a piece of felt twice. Lay the pieces on top of each other. Whip stitch the sides and bottom of the elf shoe together. Stuff the shoe ornament with cotton and sew the top side together. Add pom-poms, bells or buttons to decorate the shoe.


Wearable Elf Sock Shoes

Create cute wearable elf sock shoes from any colored fuzzy socks. Fold the toe of the socks into a triangle. Stitch them in place. Sew a large pom-pom to the end of each toe. Cut a section of feather boa and sew it to the top of the socks. Add small bells across the top of the foot or around the ankle for additional decoration.


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