How to Bend Popsicle Sticks

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Things You'll Need

  • Pot

  • Can or bottle

  • Rubber bands

A Popsicle is a popular frozen treat on a stick. Popsicle sticks are commonly used in children’s arts and crafts projects. Popsicle sticks are harder and stronger than plastic straws and can be bent into different shapes. Learn how to bend the sticks without breaking them.

Step 1

Soak the Popsicle sticks in a pot of hot water for at least half an hour. Make sure the sticks are completely submerged. Set the stove on the lowest setting to keep the water hot, not to boil it.


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Step 2

Carefully remove the sticks from the water, making sure you don’t burn your hands. The sticks are now rubbery, pliable and ready to be shaped into a curve.

Step 3

Bend the sticks gently and slowly as soon as you get them out of the water. If the sticks dry they will break when bent. Popsicle sticks will hold their shape when they dry.


Step 4

Bend the sticks around a can, bottle or a similar object, and press tightly. Chose a small or a large can, depending on the curve you desire.

Step 5

Secure the Popsicle sticks in place with rubber bands as they dry.

Step 6

Wait three to six hours until the sticks are completely dry, then take off the rubber bands. Now you have arched or bent sticks.


If you want to paint the Popsicle sticks, wait until they are completely dry.


Be careful when warming water on a stove. Always keep an eye on the pot so pets and children can’t reach it and get hurt.


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