How to Make a Canoe out of Popsicle Sticks

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Popsicle sticks are a popular crafting material because they have many uses, are easy to find and are inexpensive to purchase. Not only do Popsicle sticks have a good decorative element, they also make excellent building blocks for the base of any model. Because they are made of a lightweight wood that will float on water, Popsicle sticks are an ideal material for building toy boats. Making a canoe from Popsicle sticks is a simple project that a child and adult can create together.


Popsicle sticks can be used in a variety of craft projects.

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Things You'll Need

  • Utility Knife

  • 25 Popsicle Sticks, 3/8-Inch Wide By 4.5-Inches Long

  • 4 Ounces Of Waterproof Glue

Step 1

Mark 2 inches of length with a black pen on four Popsicle sticks. Cut a straight line in the four sticks to their full length, using a sharp knife. Leave one edge rounded. Set the sticks aside.

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Step 2

Measure 2.5 inches of length on four Popsicle sticks, then cut the sticks to size at that measurement. Repeat this process by adding 1/2-inch to length until reaching the 4.5-inch standard stick length. You should have four 3-inch sticks, four 3.5-inch sticks and four 4-inch sticks.

Step 3

Dot waterproof glue to the non-rounded edge of one of the 2.5-inch sticks. Form a slight triangle by placing the non-rounded edge of another 2.5-inch stick against the glue. Hold both sticks together until the glue sets. Repeat with the remaining 2.5-inch sticks. Placed together, the sticks should form a diamond shape.


Step 4

Run a line of glue along the top edge of the 2.5-inch triangular sticks. Place a 3-inch stick directly on top of the 2.5-inch stick with the rounded sides facing out. Dot glue along the straight edge and set another 3-inch stick against the edge and directly on top of the opposite 2.5-inch stick. Hold it until the glue dries. Repeat this process with the additional 3-inch sticks to form the sides of the canoe.


Step 5

Glue 3.5-inch, 4-inch and 4.5-inch sticks in the same process as used with the 3-inch sticks.

Step 6

Run a line of glue along the inside of the rounded edge on one side of the triangular stick sides. Repeat on the opposite side. Press the two triangles together on a diagonal, so that only a small diamond remains in the bottom of the boat. Hold until glue dries.


Step 7

Flip the canoe over. Mark on a singular Popsicle stick the small diamond that remains in the bottom of the boat. Cut the diamond shape out of stick.

Step 8

Run a line of glue along the bottom edge of the canoe. Press the diamond shaped stick to the hole and hold until the glue dries. Decorate as desired.


Acrylic paint coats evenly on Popsicle sticks. Embellish the canoe with these paints to personalize them.


Children should not cut Popsicle sticks without adult supervision.