Instructions for Greasing a Toro Riding Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • Grease gun

  • Lithium grease

  • Shop rags

  • Ratchet and socket

Greasing a lawn mower at proper intervals ensures a long and reliable mower service life.

Toro lawnmowers have long been among the most popular mowers on the market. Part of Toro mowers' popularity might attributed to the mowers' relatively low maintenance--Toro riding mowers require only routine care to provide years of dependable service. An often overlooked yet important service point when doing maintenance, is lubrication of the spindle bearings, idler bearing and steering controls. Lubrication of these points once per season with a general purpose lithium complex--No. 2 grease is sufficient.


Step 1

Set the mower’s parking brake and remove the key to protect against roll-off or inadvertent starts.

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Step 2

Clean the mower after each use and before servicing the grease points with lubricant. Keeping the Toro lawnmower clean reduces the chances of dirt and other contamination getting into the bearings and bushings.


Step 3

Locate the axle grease fittings on each front axle. The fittings are screwed or tapped into the barrel of the axle, located near the front of the mower. Wipe the fittings off with a rag or cloth to remove debris. Apply the grease gun to each fitting and pump the hand lever until you observe grease extruding from the seals.


Step 4

Turn the steering wheel to the right and service the grease fitting located inside the right front wheel. Again, apply three to four strokes with the grease gun until grease just starts to exit from the seals. Spin the steering wheel to the left and repeat the service steps on the left front wheel.


Step 5

Lower the mower deck to its lowest setting. Locate the idler pulley on top of the mower deck. The grease fitting location is right above the pivot point for the idler. Clean off the fitting and apply three to four shots of grease.


Step 6

Remove the spindle covers on the left and right sides of the mower deck. The guards protect the spindles and bearings and cover the grease fittings. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the covers and set them aside for later installation.


Step 7

Clean off the grease fitting on each of the two bearing spindles, and attach the grease gun. Apply three to four pumps on each fitting. Rotate the spindle by hand for two or three complete revolutions and apply three additional shots of grease.

Step 8

Replace the covers and fasten them into place with the ratchet and socket. Operate the mower with the blades engaged for several minutes to distribute the grease in the spindle bearings.


Coating the grease fittings with grease after each service helps keep dirt out of the fittings and bearings.


Wear gloves while rotating the spindles by hand to guard against pinch points and cuts.




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