How to Lubricate Mower Decks

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench

  • Clean rag

  • Grease gun

  • Grease

Lubricating the mower deck prevents creaking.
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Keeping a riding lawnmower in optimal working condition requires periodic maintenance. In addition to common maintenance procedures such as sharpening or replacing blades and changing the oil, lubricating the mower deck is a task you should perform occasionally. If you don't lubricate the mower deck's grease fittings, the mower may encounter problems such as jamming, unnecessary wear to deck components or possibly even damage to the shafts in the mower deck that turn the blades.


Step 1

Park your riding lawnmower on a level surface and engage the parking brake. Disconnect the spark plug cable on the engine.

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Step 2

Lower the mower deck to its lowest setting for easy access, then remove the bolts holding it in place. Slide the deck out from under the lawnmower.


Step 3

Locate the bearings on the mower deck, located at the mounting pivot points. If you are in doubt as to the bearings' locations, consult your owner's manual for mower deck lubrication points.

Step 4

Wipe the bearings with a clean cloth to remove grease, grass and dirt to prevent contamination. If this dirt and grass becomes mixed with the new grease, it can lead to premature wear of the bearings.


Step 5

Attach a grease gun to the bearing mounting points and squeeze it twice to lubricate the bearings. Use a high-temperature grease or a grease approved by your mower's manufacturer for greasing the bearings for optimal results.

Step 6

Disconnect the grease gun, then reattach the mower deck to your lawnmower with the bolts you previously removed. Reconnect the spark plug cable and disengage the parking brake.


Depending on the design of your lawnmower, it may be possible to lubricate the mower deck without removing it. Take care to make sure that all lubrication points are reached, however.

When you disconnect the deck from the mower, take a moment to inspect the drive belt and blades so that you can replace them if necessary. This allows you to combine multiple maintenance tasks into a single session.

Grease your mower deck at least once per year, preferably as part of your spring maintenance in case drying occurred over winter storage.



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