How to Put a Mower Deck Belt Back on a Cub Cadet

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Putting a belt back on your Cub Cadet mower is not difficult, but requires following the instructions located on the mowing deck. Sometimes the belt will come off of the pulleys when you mow thick, wet grass. However, sometimes the belt slips off for no apparent reason. In some instances, the belt is stretched and needs to be replaced, but not always. Make sure the engine is in the "off" position before starting and wear a thick pair of leather gloves to protect your hands.


Step 1

Locate the hand lever to the right of the seat. Lower the mowing deck on your Cub Cadet to its lowest cutting position; generally this is number one.

Step 2

Find the belt diagram on the left side of the mowing deck or view the owner's manual online by visiting the Cub Cadet website and entering your model and serial number. This is the specific diagram for your mower that gives the order for replacing the belt around the pulleys on your Cub Cadet lawn mower.

Step 3

Place the belt around the blade spindle on the right side of the Cub Cadet mower. Keep the flat side of the belt on the outside of the spindle. Follow the diagram and put the blade around the middle pulleys in the order indicated. Avoid allowing the belt to twist.


Step 4

Put the belt around the left-side spindle pulley. Make sure the belt does not come off of the other pulleys or become twisted.

Step 5

Wrap the belt around the last pulley that is mounted to the bottom of the Cub Cadet's engine. This pulley is a little more difficult, but you slide it around it by adding a small amount of force. Start by placing the belt in the pulley on the left side. Hold it in with one hand and turn the pulley with your free hand. You will not have to turn if very far and the belt will slip over the pulley.


There is no need to lift the Cub Cadet mower off of the ground to replace the deck belt. However, you need to be at ground level to perform the task. So be prepared to kneel down on the ground.