How to Identify a Kohler Engine

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Things You'll Need

  • Cloth rag

  • Engine degreaser or soapy water

Kohler engines have been in production since 1920 and utilized for several different applications such as generators, tractors, garden products and industrial equipment. Kohler manufactures both single and twin-cylinder gasoline or diesel powered engines. When performing maintenance or repair tasks, you may wish to locate the proper identification numbers associated with your particular Kohler engine when ordering replacement parts. Locating the engine's model, serial and specification numbers found on the identification plate is an easy task that takes a few minutes to complete.


Step 1

Clean off any dirt, debris or grease present on the blower housing located on the front of the engine. The blower housing features a round cooling fan located in the center, mounted on the side of horizontal shaft engines or on the top of vertical shaft applications, such as a lawnmower. Use a suitable cloth rag, engine degreaser or soapy water solution to clean off the blower housing.


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Step 2

Examine the right side of the blower housing for the identification plate. The identification plate will contain the type of engine, displacement, spec number, model number and serial number.

Step 3

Write down the model, spec and serial number on a piece of paper for future reference, when ordering replacement parts from an authorized dealer. The first series of digits contained within the "Spec" numbers designates the model number for Courage XT models.



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