How to Decorate a Pinata With Tissue Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • White glue

Decorate your pinata with brightly colored tissue paper.

Hang a colorful pinata up at your next party, either as a decoration or an activity. Pinatas are part of Mexican traditions. Often made to resemble animals, these paper mache creations are stuffed full of candy and trinkets that spill out once the pinata is broken open. Part of the draw of a pinata is the brightly colored paper décor. Pinatas aren't painted like other paper mache objects. Instead they are covered in colored tissue paper fringe.


Step 1

Cut 2-inch wide strips from tissue paper. Make the strips as long as your pinata sides for flat pinatas, or make 6- to 8-inch long strips for curved pinatas. Cut several strips at once by stacking the paper and cutting through multiple layers at once.

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Step 2

Add fringe to the tissue strips. Cut 1-inch wide slits down the length of each paper strip. Cut up into the strip 1.5 inches so the fringe remains connected along the top of each strip.

Step 3

Place a bead of white craft glue onto the side of the pinata where you want to place the paper fringe. Push the top of the fringe length into the glue to secure it to the pinata. Attach all the strips, starting at the bottom of the pinata and working up. Overlap the strips by one-half inch so the glued edge is camouflaged under the strip above it.


Step 4

Cut out additional tissue paper shapes, such as eyes or a mouth. Glue these shapes over the top of the fringe in the appropriate places.

Step 5

Allow the glue to dry completely, usually within one hour. Fluff the fringe gently with your fingers, taking care not to tear the paper.


Create the fringe from rolls of crepe paper streamers. The streamers are already the proper width so you only need to cut the fringe.


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