How to Make Easy Tissue Paper Flowers

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Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Scissors

Kids can eaily make flowers from layers of tissue paper held together by pipe cleaners.

Craft shops, discount stores and gift supply departments always have packages of tissue paper available. In addition, pipe cleaners are also easily obtainable. With these two materials and a pair of scissors you can make tissue paper flowers that can be used for a variety of purposes such as Mother's Day gifts and decorations for holidays. Children will find this project very easy, so it is a suitable activity for younger ages as well. After they make the tissue paper flowers, kids will feel gratified in giving them as presents.


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Step 1

Layer several sheets of tissue paper together. You can use the same color for all the sheets or different colors. As the paper will form the petals of the flower, you can determine at this point whether the flower will be a solid or multicolored.

Step 2

Cut the tissue paper into squares. Large squares will make large flowers and small squares will make small flowers. If you have never made a tissue paper flower, a good starting size is an eight-inch square.


Step 3

Fold the square like an accordion or fan. Start by folding one side over about an inch, then turn the paper over and fold it in the other direction. Continue this procedure until the entire square is folded into a long, narrow rectangle.

Step 4

Trim the ends of the rectangle in a way that will give the flower petals an interesting shape. You can scallop them, cut them into points or fringe them with small cuts. Do not cut more than about one-half inch into the rectangle.


Step 5

Notch both sides of the rectangle in the middle of the long sides by cutting small triangles from the center that point toward each other. Be careful not to cut through the rectangle.

Step 6

Wrap a pipe cleaner tightly around the middle of the notches and twist it securely to form the stem of the flower.


Step 7

Hold the pipe cleaner in one hand and begin gently pulling the layers of tissue paper upward away from the stem. Pull the layers one by one to separate them into petals. When you have pulled up all the layers, arrange them to look as natural as possible.


Use different numbers of layers of tissue paper to vary the appearance of the flowers.

Tie a bunch of tissue paper flowers together with a ribbon to make a bouquet.