How to Make Bows for Christmas Trees With Wired Ribbon

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Things You'll Need

  • 20 inches of wired ribbon

  • Marker

  • Scissors

Christmas is about celebrating religion with family and friends. Many people love to decorate their homes in celebration for the holiday. One way that you can dress up your home is by using simple bows to decorate. These simple bows can be made to slide on gift packaging, wreaths, ornaments and even your Christmas tree. A hoop is tied into the back of the bow, making it easy to slide right onto the branches of the tree.


Step 1

Lay your wired ribbon on a flat surface horizontally. Place a marker vertically on top of the ribbon.

Step 2

Tie the ribbon into a knot around the marker. Doing so will create a loop behind the bow, which will allow the bow to easily slide on a Christmas tree's branches.


Step 3

Adjust the tails of the ribbon so they lay vertically.

Step 4

Fold the bottom ribbon tail into a loop. Wrap the top tail around the loop--from right to left--and pull it through the back of the first loop. Your loops are now created.


Step 5

Pull on each loop to tighten the bow. Cut the tails of the bow with a pair scissors to ensure they are even.

Step 6

Slide the ribbon off of the marker. Use the hoop on the back of the bow to slide the bow onto the Christmas tree.