How to Crochet a Bible Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn of your choice

  • Tape measure

  • Size I crochet hook

  • Scissors

Crocheting a cover can protect your Bible and express your creativity.

Bible covers are a winsome addition to your Bible in numerous ways. Not only are they appealing visually, but they protect the book from soil and wear, extending its lifespan. Covers are often expressions of the owner's personality as well. While many homemade or purchased Bible covers are fabric or leather, a crocheted cover has a more individualized look. Crocheting your own cover lets you express creativity in the color and design; make it one solid hue, or a cover of many colors. You can also customize the size to an exact fit. This pattern requires a knowledge of basic crochet stitches, including chain stitch, and single and double crochet stitch. For a washable cover, choose acrylic or cotton yarn.


Step 1

Measuring your Bible is a simple first step.

Measure your Bible. You will be making one rectangle as close to the exact dimensions of the book as possible. A standard size for many Bibles is 8 ¼ by 5 ½ inches.


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Step 2

Crochet a chain.

Chain 27 stitches with a size I crochet hook for a standard size Bible. Tightness of stitches and type of yarn make gauge inexact, so measure your chain against the length of your Bible. To allow for stretching, make your chain about two stitches shorter than your Bible's length, just under 8 inches for a standard Bible.


Step 3

Single crochet in the first stitch from the hook, and continue across. Chain two and turn.

Step 4

Crochet a rectangle.

Double crochet in the first stitch, across. Chain one and turn. Measure again against your Bible, then continue repeating a row of single crochet followed by a row of double crochet until your rectangle measures 12 ½ inches, or until the piece exactly wraps around your Bible. End with a row of single crochet. Chain one and pull the loop tight, then cut off the yarn.


Step 5

Chain another 27-inch chain, or one matching the chain just made. Repeat the same pattern until the work measures 3 inches. End with a row of single crochet. Make two of these rectangles. These are the pockets that will hold the cover on the Bible.

Step 6

Place each 3-inch rectangle at each end of the large rectangle, making sure the sides match. Pull a loop of your yarn through the edge of both pieces and single crochet around the edge of the entire cover, fastening the pockets to the cover. Match the stitches on the ends, and crochet in the open spaces between rows on the sides. Pull the yarn through a loop and pull tight. Cut off, and weave the end of the yarn back into the work and out of sight.

Step 7

Wrap the cover around your Bible, slipping the front and back book covers into the crocheted pockets.


For variety, use a contrasting yarn color to fasten the pockets to the cover.

Instead of a row of single crochet to fasten the pockets, use a tapestry needle and length of yarn to sew them in place.


Measure your work against your Bible as you go to ensure the right fit.



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