How to Remove Vinyl Lettering From Glass

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You can remove vinyl lettering from glass.
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Vinyl lettering is used on doors, windows, vehicles, walls, boats and storefronts and often needs to be removed when business names change and for other reasons. If you need to remove vinyl from glass, this is generally not a complicated project. It can often be done with a few tools and completed quickly, but sometimes, more elbow grease is needed.


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Remove Vinyl From Glass

Vinyl decals are similar to the stickers that children play with: Both have a self-adhesive rear with a protective backing. Right before the vinyl needs to be attached to a surface, the backing is peeled off. If the decal is placed incorrectly, it cannot be reapplied and must be removed and replaced. As with vinyl letters, it is important to apply the decals slowly and carefully.

There is one generally accepted way to remove vinyl from glass. To take vinyl decals off car windows, you will need a foaming glass cleaner, a razor blade, a hair dryer or heat gun, residue remover and paper towels. Spray the cleaner onto the decal, as this acts as a lubricant to prevent scratching. Hold the razor at a 20- to 30-degree angle and lift up the edge of the decal. Try to peel off the decal with your fingers, keeping in mind that it may tear or shred.


If this is not working, get the hair dryer or heat gun and keep it moving over the decal to loosen the adhesive. Do not hold either in one position for too long; otherwise, the glass could overheat and shatter. Gently remove any leftover tacky adhesive with the razor blade and use the residue remover to clean it up. There may still be some film on the glass, which you can remove with the glass cleaner and paper towels.

Removing Vinyl Lettering From Windows

You can also use the razor blade and hair dryer/heat gun removal method to remove vinyl from windows. Use the hair dryer or heat gun first, working in 1-foot sections at a time. Heat up one section for no longer than 30 seconds. Pick up a new razor blade and start working at the bottom right corner. The vinyl should begin to lift, and you can then hold it with your fingers and pull it off slowly.


If the vinyl letter is stubborn and you can't get a good grip on it, heat the area again. This needs to be done slowly and carefully for best results. You may see adhesive residue left on the windows. You can use a residue remover or try lacquer thinner or rubbing alcohol to remove excess adhesive.

Hard-to-Remove Vinyl

Older vinyl is less pliable and harder to remove, especially if there has been long-term UV exposure. Some experts recommend razor blades, plastic scraper hand tools and heat for this sort of vinyl too. Orange-based citrus cleaners can also be effective at getting rid of the leftover residue.


Those cleaners have a strong smell (as do some residue removers), so they should be used in well-ventilated areas. You can also wear a mask and goggles if you find these cleaners to be irritating. It is important to remove all of the residue to keep the window looking clean. This is also necessary if you want to put new vinyl letters or decals on the window.