How to Sew With Tulle Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Iron-on stabilizer

  • Fabric, ribbon, or tissue paper

  • Safety pins

  • Needle

  • Thread

Tulle is the fabic of choice for a tutu.
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Tulle is a thick, sturdy, net-like fabric. It's one of the cheapest fabrics available despite being quite difficult to sew with. Because of its low price, it is often used to add bulk to skirts or dresses, by sewing a layer underneath the waistband. It can also be sewn on the outside of clothing, such as ballerina skirts. Sewing with tulle can be tricky, but there are a few methods you can use when working with tulle to make the whole process a lot easier.


Step 1

Cut a strip of fabric stabilizer and attach it to the sewing line on the tulle. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, taking care not to get melted stabilizer on the iron or ironing board. Fuse two layers of tulle together with the stabilizer and sew a ribbon or fabric strip over the seam to hide any jagged edges.


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Step 2

Attach a piece of ribbon, fabric, or tissue paper to your base fabric, then attach tulle, sewing through all three layers. The middle layer of fabric, tissue paper or ribbon serves as an anchor, and keeps the seam strong. Remove the tissue after sewing.

Step 3

Whether you are sewing by hand or with a sewing machine, use wide zigzagging stitches, as opposed to shorter straight line or looped stitches. If using a sewing machine, use the longest stitch length setting when working with tulle.


Step 4

Before sewing anything with tulle, secure it to the base fabric with a series of safety pins, and remove them as you sew. This will help prevent bunching and uneven sewing.

Step 5

When hand sewing, use the thickest needle and thread possible without damaging the other fabric.



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