Homemade Prank Gifts

Homemade prank gifts are inexpensive to make.

If you don't have time to shop for joke gifts, create some at home. Homemade prank gifts are a simple, cost-effective way to play a gag on a friend or family member. With basic supplies that you may already have in the house, you can quickly put together a gag gift.

Step 1

Create a bug killer by labeling two small pieces of wood, "Block 'A' " and "Block 'B.' " Tape instructions to the wood that say, "Step 1: Place bug on block 'B.' " Step 2: Smash block 'A' with block 'B.' "

Step 2

Make a redneck briefcase by sewing the legs shut on a pair of men's briefs. Sew elastic to the waistband to use as handles. Place the following items in the briefcase: a nail to use as a toothpick, newspaper strips to use as toilet paper and two cans attached by a string to use as a phone. Create a redneck flashlight by catching lightning bugs and putting them into a jar.

Step 3

Make a do-it-yourself straw hat kit by putting loose straw (which can be bought at a craft store) in a bag with a label that reads, "Straw hat, assembly required."

Step 4

Create beer-noculars by putting a hole in the bottom of two empty beer cans and gluing the cans together. Attach a ribbon to the cans so they can hang around the neck.

Step 5

Put boxes inside other boxes, decreasing in size. In the smallest box, place a cheap "gift," such as a nickel or a button.

Step 6

Bake a batch of cookies or buy cookies at the store and arrange them on a brand new dustpan. Tie up the dustpan and cookies with cellophane and ribbon. Attach a note that reads, "I baked these cookies for you. Sorry I dropped them on the floor! I scooped them right up, though."