How to Glue Mirrors

Gluing mirrors together is easy if you have the right adhesive.
Gluing mirrors together is easy if you have the right adhesive. (Image: mirrors image by Balogh Eniko from

Whether you are gluing one mirror to another for an artistic effect or gluing mirrors to wooden frames or wooden backings, you'll need a certain kind of glue. Ordinary glue or adhesives like rubber cement are effective bonders for general projects, but not for glass. You need a strong glue in order to make sure the mirror does not come off of the surface you place it against.

Things You'll Need

  • Construction glue (like Liquid Nails)
  • Soft towel
  • C clamps
  • 2-piece mirror frame
  • Hair dryer or clean cloth
  • 2 large, heavy books

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Gluing a Mirror to a Backing

Set the larger mirror on a flat surface if gluing one mirror to another. The mirrors will glue together better and quicker if they are on a flat surface. If you are gluing the mirror to a hard backing like wood, place the wood on the flat surface.

Put a bead of construction glue on the back of the mirror that you are gluing about 2 inches from the edge all the way around the perimeter. Then put vertical lines inside the perimeter of glue 1 to 2 inches apart.

Place the mirror on top of the bottom mirror for 3 seconds to get the glue on the bottom mirror. Pick up the top mirror so that the air can dry the glue to make it bond a bit quicker. Let the glue dry for 2 minutes before placing them back together. If you are gluing a mirror to a backing, put the mirror on top of the backing exactly where you want it, and hold the mirror down with your hands for 2 minutes.

Put the towel over the mirrors. This will provide a cushion for the clamps so the mirrors do not get scratched, or crack as easily.

Secure the clamps on the mirrors by tightening to a firm hold in order to hold the mirrors in place, and wait 24 hours before removing the clamps. The same should be done when gluing a mirror to a backing.

Framing a Mirror

Lay out the pieces of the frame for the mirror. You will need a frame that comes in at least two different sections to secure the mirror in the frame. Clean out the grooves of the frame with a hair dryer or a damp cloth. This will make sure that no debris will obstruct the bonding of the mirror to the frame.

Squeeze a bead of construction glue into the frame where the mirror will be attached all along the whole piece of the frame. Firmly push the mirror into place, and elevate the side that isn't glued with the folded up towel. It is extremely important that the mirror is level to secure the adhesive bond.

Allow the one side to sit for 24 hours. The construction glue will be strong enough to do the next side after 24 hours.

Repeat the instructions for gluing from Step 2. When you slide the second part of the frame on to the mirror, squeeze both sides of the frame together to bond them to each other as well. Hold for about 10 minutes. Place large and heavy books against either side of the frame to keep them pushed together as much as possible for 24 hours. Make sure you don't squeeze so hard that you'll break the mirror or the frame.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't squeeze the clamps too hard or you will break the mirror. Remove construction glue seeping or messes with paint thinner.


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