How to Thread a Bobbin on a Janome

Learn to thread your Janome with the bobbin thread.

Once you buy a Janome sewing machine, you need to learn how to wind your bobbin. You also need to know how to thread the bobbin prior to beginning to sew on your new machine. Once you've learned the instructions for your particular Janome model, you can wind the bobbin and thread it correctly so your sewing projects are securely stitched together. You should have prior knowledge of machine sewing as well as of the names of the parts of your machine.

Step 1

Thread your Janome sewing machine for bobbin winding. Wind the thread around your thread guide, then onto the bobbin winder spindle.

Step 2

Pull the thread through the small hole at the top of your bobbin. Push the bobbin winder spindle to the right, loosen the center of the flywheel, depress the foot pedal of your machine and the bobbin starts winding with thread. When it's full of thread, cut the thread and take the bobbin out of the bobbin winder spindle.

Step 3

Hold the bobbin so the end of the thread is counterclockwise to you. Slip it into the bobbin case, then pull the thread through the notch on the feeder plate and back over the top of the bobbin. Replace the hook cover plate.

Step 4

Thread your Janome according to the directions for the model number, then thread the needle. Pull the thread so about three inches comes out of the needle.

Step 5

Tighten the center of the flywheel. Lift the presser foot, hold the excess thread with one hand and turn the flywheel slowly with your other hand as the needle descends and comes back up. Look for a little loop of bobbin thread just under the presser foot. Pinch this loop, pull it up and push it to the back of your machine.

Step 6

Turn the flywheel again if the loop doesn't come up under the presser foot. If this doesn't work, turn the flywheel in the other direction. If this second attempt doesn't work, remove the hook cover plate, take the bobbin out and pull the end of the thread so you get a longer length.

Step 7

Put the bobbin back in, replace the hook cover plate, raise the presser foot and, holding the upper thread, turn the flywheel once more so you can catch the bobbin thread.


Look at the hook cover plate for a picture of how the bobbin should look.