How to Make Your Own Sailor Girl Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 white T-shirt, your size

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • 1 navy T-shirt, 2 sizes too big

  • Chalk

  • 2 packages white bias tape

  • Sewing pins

  • Sewing machine

  • Navy thread

  • Elastic

  • Elastic threader

Add a personal touch to your DIY sailor girl costume.
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Sailing skills are optional – but you can look the part – when dressed as an adorable sailor girl. In little time you can create an easy-to-make sailor girl outfit that's suitable for costume parties, theater or cosplay. The costume is created using navy and white T-shirts, but it can be made in any color. Wear this costume with your favorite Mary Jane shoes, sailor hat, or pigtails and bows.


Sailor Girl Shirt

Step 1

Measure 6 inches from the bottom of the white T-shirt and make a horizontal cut straight across to remove the bottom section of the fabric. Set that piece aside.

Step 2

Cut the neckband from the white shirt. Set the shirt aside.

Step 3

Cut the arms from the navy T-shirt. Set them aside for later use.


Step 4

Create the neck scarf from the navy T-shirt. Measure 6 inches from the shoulder seam downwards on the right and left sides of the shirt. Mark that measurement with a dot on each side. Draw a horizontal line across the front of the T-shirt to connect the dots. Cut across the line. Set the extra T-shirt fabric aside for the skirt.

Step 5

Cut away the T-shirt neckband from the neck scarf section. Make a deep V-shaped cut in the center front of the neck.

Step 6

Lay the scarf section onto a flat surface. Place the white T-shirt over the top of the bottom shirt. Make sure it's centered. Fold the arms of the white shirt inward. Trace around the white shirt with chalk. Cut away the excess material from the navy shirt. This will leave a scarf piece with a square back and V front.


Step 7

Pin white bias tape around the edges of the navy scarf. Sew it in place.

Step 8

Pin another section of white bias tape 1 1/2 inches from the edge of the scarf. Sew it in place.

Step 9

Cut the navy arms pieces straight across, 2 inches from the bottom hem. Lay these pieces over the bottom portion of the arms of the white shirt. Make a horizontal cut just above the navy arm pieces to remove the bottom section of the white sleeves.


Step 10

Cut the pieces so that they are slightly larger than the width of the white T-shirt arms. Sew the cut edges of each piece together to create two small round bands.

Step 11

Sew the blue armband pieces to the bottom of the white T-shirt arms.

Step 12

Sew bias tape around the bottom edges of the arms. Add another strip 1/2 inch above the first one. Sew it in place.

Sailor Girl Skirt

Step 1

Turn the skirt section of the navy T-shirt inside out so that the seams are showing.


Step 2

Fold the cut edge of the T-shirt down 2 inches to create a waistband. Pin it in place.

Step 3

Sew the edges down, but leave a 2-inch opening.

Step 4

Measure your waist. Cut a piece of elastic 1-inch smaller than your waist measurement. Attach the elastic to an elastic threader and insert it through the waistband opening in the skirt.

Step 5

Sew the ends of the elastic together and stitch the opening in the waistband closed.

Step 6

Sew bias tape around the bottom edge of the skirt, and add another length of bias tape 1 inch above the first one.


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