How to Make Floating Glitter

Glitter has been used in many ways over the centuries thanks to its ability to shimmer and sparkle in light. Making glitter float in liquid can be particularly useful in certain situations, from creating snow globes to performing science experiments for children. All that's required to achieve this effect is a little time and a few easy-to-find items that you probably have in your kitchen cabinets.

Things You'll Need

  • Vegetable oil

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Corn syrup

  • Water

  • Container with lid

  • Glitter

  • Food coloring (optional)

Separating Suspended Glitter

Step 1

Take the container and add rubbing alcohol until it is it one quarter full.

Step 2

Squeeze in a little food coloring if desired. Put the lid on and shake it up to mix in the food coloring.

Step 3

Add vegetable oil to the container until it is almost full. Leave a little space at the top.

Step 4

Allow the mixture to settle and separate, then add glitter.

Step 5

Add more oil until the container is full. Shake to mix it all together and watch the glitter float about, or move the container slowly back and forth to create a wave effect.

Emulsified Suspended Glitter

Step 1

Fill a container two thirds full with corn syrup.

Step 2

Add as much glitter as you want.

Step 3

Add food coloring.

Step 4

Add water until the container is full.

Step 5

Shake the container until it mixes. It will not separate. The corn syrup will help the glitter float.


Make your own snow globe by gluing a figurine to the bottom of a round glass jar, filling it with your mixture, and sealing it tightly.

Make your own wave machine by filling a clear plastic rectangular container with your mixture, then attaching it to a fulcrum.

Make candlestick holders out of glass bottles filled with your mixture.

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