How to Cast on in Knitting for Beginners

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Knitting needles

Casting on creates the foundation of your knitted item.
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In knitting, casting on refers to how you get the yarn to form stitches on your needles. Many knitters develop an individual or a preferred method for casting with experience. In the beginning, however, you should master a standard cast-on stitch to learn the technique. Casting on is a basic skill you must master as you learn how to knit.


Step 1

Drape the yarn over the top of the knitting needle in your left hand. The yarn should look like an upside down "U" over the top of the needle. Make the tail of yarn about 6 inches long.

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Step 2

Tie a simple knot with the tail around the piece of yarn that is connected to the yarn ball or skein -- known as the "working yarn". You will now have one loop on your knitting needle, known as a "stitch."


Step 3

Slip the right needle through the loop by slipping the needle between the underside of the left needle and the loop of yarn. Both needles are now in the loop of yarn with the right needle on the bottom. Make your needles form an "X" shape.

Step 4

Drape the working yarn over the top of the bottom (right) needle to form an upside down "U."


Step 5

Pull the right needle along with the draped upside down "U" through the loop on the left needle. You now have a new loop on the right needle.

Step 6

Move the new loop from the right needle to the left needle. You now have two loops, or stitches, on the left needle and nothing on the right needle.

Step 7

Repeat the process until you have the desired number of stitches to begin your project.



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