How Do You Make a Sour Patch Kid Costume?

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Things You'll Need

  • Base outfit

  • Newspapers or cardboard

  • Spray glitter

  • 4 balloons

  • Tape

  • Headband

Sweet and then sour are the best way to describe the hugely popular Sour Patch Kids. These tart, gummy snacks are covered with a sweet sugar coating and have been around since the 1970s. Sour Patch Kids are also a fun costume idea that you won't see on everyone else. No matter your crafting level, you can quickly create a Sour Patch Kid costume.


Step 1

Choose a bright, colorful base outfit. Sour Patch Kids come in an array of colors including berry hues, but the original four are the most recognizable: almost neon red, green, orange and yellow. Sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt in one of these colors work well for the base outfit.

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Step 2

Lay the base outfit flat on top of newspaper or cardboard.


Step 3

Spray the entire front of the base outfit with spray glitter. Let dry for several hours before handling. Apply a second and third coat if necessary, allowing the glitter spray to dry between coats. Turn the outfit over and repeat the process on the back.

Step 4

Blow up 4 balloons that are the same color as the base outfit. You will use these balloons to make the top portion -- that looks like toes -- of the Sour Patch Kid head. The balloons should be blown up to a circumference of about 6 to 8 inches. Tie a knot at the neck of each balloon.


Step 5

Hold the neck of one of the balloons against the top middle of headband. Move the balloon over to the left a bit.Wrap a piece of tape around the neck of the balloon and headband. The tape will keep the balloon from moving.

Step 6

Hold the neck of a second balloon to the right of the first balloon. The two balloons should be spaced apart so that they are barely touching. Use a piece of tape wrapped around the neck of the balloon to secure it to the headband.


Step 7

Attach the third balloon to the left of the first balloon. Attach the last balloon to the right of the second balloon. You should now have a headband that resembles the top portion of a Sour Patch Kid.

Step 8

Pair the base outfit and headband with shoes, preferably in the same hue as your base outfit. Consider applying body glitter any exposed skin – such as face and hands – to maintain the sugar-coated appearance.


For a flirtier look, forgo the sweatpants and sweatshirt and instead use a tank top and skirt or dress for the base outfit.

Consider popping the lenses out of sunglasses that match the color of your base outfit and wearing them with the costume. You can also cover them with glitter spray to give them a sugary appearance.


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