How to Drop the Feed Dogs on Elna Sewing Machines

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It isn't difficult to adjust your sewing machine.
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Elna is a popular sewing machine company specializing in high-quality machines. The brand, made in Switzerland, sells worldwide. Even simple models feature dozens of available functions not utilized by most people who sew. In order to use your Elna sewing machine for free-form sewing, quilting and embroidery, it is necessary to drop the feed dogs. This is a simple procedure.


Step 1

Turn off the power to your Elna sewing machine. Locate the on/off switch by looking at the end of your machine where the cord attaches.

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Step 2

Remove the free arm cover. Slide this plastic piece away from the sewing machine to release the locking mechanism. Lift the free arm cover upward and set it aside to expose the Elna feed dogs switch.

Step 3

Locate the sliding lever that is on the back of the free arm. Move the sliding lever to drop the feed dogs on your Elna sewing machine.

Step 4

Replace the free arm cover, if needed, by reversing step two.

Step 5

Turn the power to the "on" position and begin sewing.


Reverse this process to engage the Elna feed dogs for normal sewing.


If you attempt normal sewing with the feed dogs in the down position, thread tangling can occur, as well as damage to your project.

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