How to Make Plastic Canvas Wind Spinners

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic canvas

  • X-Acto knife or scissors that will cut the plastic canvas properly

  • Ruler

  • Pipe cleaner

  • Pony beads

  • Aluminum wind chimes

  • Fishing line

Decorate your front porch with colorful wind spinners.

Wind chimes and plastic canvas spinners have been popular yard decorations for a long time. Now, you can make these attractive, swirling items at home. Using strips of canvas plastic, pony beads and a pipe cleaner to make a wind spinner is a fun family craft. It could also work well as an arts and crafts project for a scouting troop or youth program.


Step 1

Trim the plastic canvas piece until it measures 6 1/2 inches by 10 inches. Then cut the trimmed piece into a series of 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 inch strips. Be sure to cut the strips so that a square hole remains at each end of the strip. You will need 14 strips to complete the project.

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Step 2

Take the pipe cleaner and form a loop at one end. Twist the loose end of the loop around the pipe cleaner to hold it secure. Slide a pony bead up the pipe cleaner to the loop.

Step 3

Slide the pipe cleaner through the square hole at one end of the canvas plastic strips. Slide the strip up to the pony bead. Slide another pony bead onto the pipe cleaner and up to the bottom of the canvas plastic strip. Repeat this process until 15 pony beads and 14 canvas plastic strips are on the pipe cleaner.


Step 4

Take the loose end of the top canvas plastic strip and slide it on to the pipe cleaner through the square holes in the opposite end of the strips. Push it up to the last pony bead strung in Step 3. The canvas plastic strip should begin to form a curve when the bottom end is slid into place. Continue stringing the loose ends followed by pony beads until all the strips are secure. Be sure to string the loose ends in the same order as they were originally placed.


Step 5

Twist and secure another loop in the pipe cleaner, just under the final pony bead. Tie a short piece of fishing line to the bottom of the loop and tie on the wind chime pieces.

Step 6

Tie another piece of fishing line into the top loop of the pipe cleaner. Use this to hang the spinner outside and watch it twirl in the wind.


Create different patterns in your plastic spinners by selecting multiple colors of plastic canvas and alternating them as you string the plastic canvas strips on the pipe cleaner.


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